KIT included

  • Brow mapping rulers and caliper

  • Pack of ten disposable needles

  • Brow razors

  • Brow mapping pencils

  • Sterile Q tips/alcohol wipes/cotton rounds

  • Water wipes

  • Aftercare ointment

  • Full pack of Tina Davies’ I ❤ INK

  • Dental bibs

  • Numbing cream and numbing gel

  • Ink cups

  • Bactine


UPCOMING DATES: to be announced


nonrefundable deposit of $1500 due at time of enrollment

Students must obtain BBP certification prior to attending

Each class is a total of four days, including hands on work and instruction. The training course is open to only five students per course. Each student will have completed three models under Hannah’s supervision and will receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduating. It is the responsibility of the student to research their local laws for tattooing. Especially New Jersey students.


  • Skin anatomy and histology

  • Different hair stroke patterns pertaining to varying ethnicities

  • Differences between popular needles currently on the market

  • Basic BBP

  • In depth brow mapping

  • Proper needle depth and positioning for ideal healed results

  • Color theory/ink ingredient education

  • How to organically grow your business/create online presence

  • How to properly light and photograph client’s before and after photos

  • Proper healing for each client pertaining to skin type

  • Contraindications

  • Medical intake form outlines

  • Client expectation management

  • Appointment management skills

out of town students

  • The View Inn & Suites

    3191 Highfield Dr, Bethlehem, PA 18020

    (610) 865-6300

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Bethlehem

    200 Gateway Dr, Bethlehem, PA 18017

    (610) 868-2442

  • Residence Inn by Marriott Allentown Bethlehem/Lehigh Valley Airport

    2180 Motel Dr, Bethlehem, PA 18018

    (610) 317-2662